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Japanese Traditional Music Performance "Shamisen"

  • Cha-an Private Space 3rd Fl 230 East 9th Street New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)

We are pleased to announce the famed Japanese traditional music expert Fumiyoshi will be playing the shamisen at Cha-An's private space on August 23rd in a special exclusive preview of his upcoming Carnegie Hall performance this October.
Guests are invited to spend the evening enjoying this unique performance, accompanied by a selection of wine and champagne.

The shamisen, whose name means “three strings”, is a traditional Japanese musical instrument originating from China.

Fumiyoshi plays “Hiki-jamisen”: he puts the importance on the echo of the sound, going beyond traditional Japanese shamisen tunes and taking this unique instrument to new heights. His music is popular in Japan and around the world.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to listen and experience this wild masterpiece.

Date: Friday, August 23rd
Time: 7 pm - 8 pm
Location: Cha-an Private Space 3rd Fl
Address: 230 E. 9th St. 3rd Fl. New York, NY 10003
Price: $15 +tax (free glass of champagne included)
Maximum Guest: 30
Performer: Fumiyoshi

About Fumiyoshi: Fumiyoshi was born in Niigata. He started to learn how to play shamisen since he was nine years old, from his mother Chikuiku Takahashi, who is the shamisen master.
He plays shamisen not only in Japan but also in other countries. He plays shamisen with the "Hiki-jamisen" style, which puts the importance on the echo of the sound. He plays shamisen standards, and in recent years, he has been working on composing new shamisen songs with Seikou Nagaoka, who is a composer and a music arranger. The base of his playing is the Japanese classic style, but his performance is beyond the scale of a traditional performing art. He is aiming at playing and making new Japanese music. In addition, he willingly gives shamisen recitals at local governments and educational institutions in order to talk his experience of recovery from depression.

He holds his concerts not only in music halls but also in Japanese national important cultural buildings. In 2011, he became the first Japanese shamisen player who gave the performance at the Louvre Museum in Paris. In this October, he will be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Class cancellations and delays are occasionally necessary due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances or under-enrollment.
We appreciate your understanding.


場所:茶菴プライベートスペース 3階
値段:$15 +tax (シャンパン一杯無料)
経歴:1974年新潟市生まれ。9歳より津軽三味線の師匠であり母でもある高橋竹育より三味線を習い始める。 音の響きを大切にする“弾(ひ)き三味線”奏法を得意とし、津軽三味線のスタンダード曲はもちろんのこと、近年は作曲家/アレンジャーの長岡成貢氏とともに新しい三味線の楽曲作りにも取組んでおり、古典を大切なベースとしながらも、伝統芸能の枠を超えた新しいニッポンの音楽を目指して活動している。現在、ニューヨークを拠点に国内外で活動中。ホールコンサートの他、国指定重要文化財等の日本建築等でも演奏会活動を行っており、2011年にはルーブル美術館にて日本人として初めて演奏を披露し成功を収めた。今年10月にはニューヨーク、カーネギーホールでの単独公演も予定している。