Along with tea, Cha-An is also popular for its desserts – blending the tastes of Japan with sweets of the West.

 Hojicha Anmitsu

Hojicha Anmitsu

 Green Tea Parfait

Green Tea Parfait

 Kakigori Shaved Ice

Kakigori Shaved Ice

—  Dessert  —

Handmade daily, exclusively in-house

—  Hojicha Anmitsu  —
hoji tea (roasted green tea) jelly with sweet black syrup, shiratama mocha, and hoji tea ice cream

—  Homemade Mochi  —
three per order; mix & match • select 3: green tea, black sesame, earl grey chocolate

—  Ice Cream Duo  —
 two scoops per order;  hojicha, black sesame, green tea, and seasonal flavor

—  Mochi Mochi  —
warabimochi, shiratamamochi with hojicha ice cream

 Mochi Mochi

Mochi Mochi

 Homemade Mochi

Homemade Mochi

 Matcha Chiffon Cake

Matcha Chiffon Cake

 Black Sesame Créme Brulée

Black Sesame Créme Brulée

—  Matcha Chiffon Cake—
with coconut milk sauce

—  Black Sesame Créme Brulée  —

—  Whisked Matcha Affogato  —

—  Green Tea Parfait  —

—  Seasonal Parfait  —

— Seasonal Desserts —



Jewelry BOX

Chef's dessert selection by Pastry Chef Norie Uematsu.
served in soju box, 10 servings daily


seasonal parfait

Pu-erh Tea Jelly, Mitarashi Mochi, Japanese Pear, Crunchy Cereal, Baked Japanese Sweet Potato, Yaki-imo Maple Ice Cream, Tuile



sakura drop

Japanese vegan jelly with edible sakura flower & brown sugar syrup


—  Cha-an Toast —


—  Egg Salad Toast  —
with mustard, melted cheese & parsley

—  Grilled Salmon Toast  —

—  Smoked Salmon Toast  —

—  Raspberry Butter Toast  —
Add one scoop of homemade ice cream for $3;
hojicha, black sesame, green tea or seasonal

—  Red Bean Butter Toast  —
Add one scoop of homemade ice cream for $3; hojicha, black sesame, green tea or seasonal



—  savory —

Modern dishes that capture the flavors of the season • until 7:30pm

Lunch Special DoNBURi 

Served atop seven-grain rice with daily side dish & pickles
Add your choice of tea ($5 supplement)




Sliced grilled eel with shredded egg omelette




Seared tuna with a buttery, soy sauce glaze with hints of citrus




Fried tofu with shiso leaf and miso sauce





Cha-An Prix Fixe

Add your choice of tea (+$5)


kayu set • $23.


Seven-Grain Rice Porridge
Daily Side Dish
Today’s Special Dessert


CHAKURA Set • $25.

Today’s Soup
Tofu and Seaweed Salad
Daily Side Dishes
Seven-grain Rice
Today’s Special Dessert



—  A La Carte—


—  Mini Appetizers Sampler  —
(Assortment of 6)

—  Miso Soup  —

—  Tofu and Seaweed Salad  —

—  Japanese Pickles  —

—  Seven-grains Rice with Pickles  —

—  Today’s Appetizers  —

—  Smoked Salmon  —